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Offer your customers payments in installments at no cost.
Become a partner

For your customers

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    Pay Later via Smart 0% or Flexi.

    Pay Now by scanning the QR code.

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    Free of charge

    Pay Later: with Smart 0% you can pay up to 12 installments with 0 additional fees.
    Application for Spending Limit is simple and FREE.
    FREE account top-up.

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    Pay Later with Flexi: The client can choose a suitable installment period, for them.
    Pay Now: The client pays instantly by scanning the QR Code using Myiute app, on their phone.

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    Registration and Digital Signature via Myiute app, instant approval in real time without the need of physical presence.

For partners

  • Profit growth

iute increases the average purchase value by up to 60%, offers the Myiute payment method as an additional sales channel, and makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase or payment decision.

  • Increases customer loyalty

Research shows that customers are more likely to buy from a business again if it is possible to pay in installments without any fees or interest. Also reliability is increased thanks to the transparency in the payment account that Myiute offers.

  • No risks

Maximum security is provided through the use of the Myiute application where online registration and identification is guaranteed through advanced global technologies. Credit risk is taken 100% by iute and maximum security is provided in monitoring transactions and customers at all times.

  • Easy integration

Using iute systems that provide simple and fast integrations online and in physical stores for Pay Now and Pay Later services.

  • Additional promotion channel

iute promotes your business to over 500,000 customers every month.

  • Little effort

The sale is made instantly through the Pay Now or Pay Later services by scanning the QR code from the Myiute application. The partner does not need to scan, print, send and sign any document.

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