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Privacy Policy

Applicable from:  09/02/2021

We,  Financial Company Iute Credit Macedonia DOOEL Skopje, with EMBS 7221290 , with headquarters at ul. 1732 no. 4/Lamela A – DP 1, Skopje; e-mail:   ( “Company”  or  “Controller”  or  “we”  or  “us” ), collects and processes personal data of natural persons, our customers, contracting parties or other parties of the Macedonian market ( “You”  or  “Your “ ). The company is a non-banking financial institution registered in the register of commercial companies in accordance with the Law on Financial Companies, which is maintained by the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia, and in accordance with Decision No. 13-4845/5 of 24.07.2017 and No. 13- 8425/3 of September 18, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance. We are fully aware of our obligation to ensure the protection of your personal data, with the obligation to ensure compliance with applicable legislation in the area of ​​personal data protection.

With this Privacy Policy ( the “Policy”  or  “Privacy Policy” ), we describe how we collect and use Personal Data. The policy describes the methods used and the purposes for which the Company and, accordingly, our service providers, process the data collected from and about you within the framework of offering our services and concluding contracts, including credit contracts concluded at the headquarters of The controller, concluded through our credit intermediaries or when you visit or use our services through the website  https://iute.mk/   ( “Website” ) or through the telephone number 13333 ( “Telephone support” ) or through the MyIute application ( “MyIute” ) or any other channel that could be available, including services of the Group through third parties ( hereinafter: “Available Channels” ). We also provide an explanation of the subjects’ rights and our obligations and responsibilities


Please read this Policy carefully. It contains important information about how We process Personal Data and explains your legal rights. The purpose of this Policy is not to change the terms of any contract you enter into with Us, nor your rights under applicable data protection laws.

We do not process personal data for persons under 18 years of age.

Please do not give us your personal data if you are under 18 years old.

We also ask for your support in maintaining your personal data by informing us of any changes in your personal data.

By providing your Personal Data or using the Available Channels, you trust us and voluntarily accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

If you provide data for another person on their behalf, you should ensure that that person has been provided with this Privacy Policy and that legal requirements have been met before providing the data.


1.1 The joint controllers are  the Financial Company IUTE CREDIT MACEDONIA DOOEL Skopje  and IuteCredit Europe AS (hereinafter collectively referred to as: “Controller”):

Financial company IUTE CREDIT MACEDONIA DOOEL Skopje, EMBS 7221290

Headquarters: St. 1732 no. 4 Lamela A/DP 1, Skopje

Contact person (our personal data protection officer) for any comments, questions or information: Tatjana Davchev e-mail: 


IuteCredit Europe AS, registration number 11551447

Headquarters: Maakri No. 19/1, Tallinn, 10145, Estonia



Contact person (our personal data protection officer) for any comments, questions or information: Sander Zoova e-mail: 

2.2 The Controller is fully responsible for the correct and legal processing of the Personal Data that we can legally provide from you.



The Law provides for numerous definitions and it is not appropriate to convey them all here. But the most significant definitions in relation to this Policy are:

” Group ” – IuteCredit Europe AS and subsidiaries.

” Controller ” is a natural or legal person, state authority, state authority or legal person established by the state for the exercise of public powers, agency or other body, which independently or jointly with others determines the purposes and method of processing your Personal Data .

” Personal data ” is any information relating to you, including data provided by public registers and public databases and data legally provided through third parties, through which you can be directly or indirectly identified, especially on the basis of an identifier such as name and surname, citizen identification number, location data, identifier via the Internet, telephone or based on one or more features specific to your identity;

” Processing of personal data ” is any operation or set of operations that may be performed on your personal data, automatically or otherwise, such as: collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or change, withdrawal, consulting , viewing, use, disclosure by transmission, publication or otherwise making available, matching or combining, restriction, deletion or destruction;

” Pseudonymization of Personal Data ” or ” Anonymization of Personal Data ” is an alternative to deleting or destroying your Personal Data. This removes all elements that can directly or indirectly identify you. Pseudonymized or anonymized data do not constitute Personal Data.

” Law ” – Law on Protection of Personal Data (Official Gazette No. 42/20)


3.1 We process your Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws, including the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, the Law on the Macedonian Credit Bureau, the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, this Policy and the terms of the contracts we conclude with you.

3.2 We Process Your Personal Data in a secure and confidential manner. We respect every person’s right to the protection of their Personal Data and will make every effort to ensure that the Personal Data collected by us is adequately protected. We regularly evaluate the risks associated with the Processing of Personal Data and will implement appropriate strategies for mitigating them and eliminating the risks.

3.3 The protection of personal data is an integral part of our services and is overseen by our personal data protection officer. We ensure that our employees know and comply with personal data protection requirements. We expect, instruct and train our employees to comply with our procedures for protecting personal data.

3.4 We process your Personal Data in accordance with the law and for legitimate purposes. We set clear purposes for the Processing of Personal Data and process Personal Data only for those purposes. We do not collect personal data that we do not need. We have the right to delete/”blur” or otherwise make the data/documents provided to Us unreadable and which are not required for the provision of our services.

3.5 We Process Your Personal Data in a transparent and fair manner. We ensure adequate protection, fair and legal way of processing your Personal Data in order to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of your Personal Data.

3.6 We keep your Personal Data for a period prescribed by law or contract or required to provide our services and/or for our legitimate interests. At the end of the retention period, We will permanently delete Your Personal Data or anonymize it.

3.7 We make our best efforts to ensure that your Personal Data that we process is accurate and limited to what is necessary.


We may collect and process your Personal Data in the following cases:

  • If you contact us through any of the available channels to request information about our products and services;
  • If you give us your information or the data of your contact person or representative when you submit a loan application through any of the Available Channels;
  • If written consent is required by law for certain data, you will give such consent either at the business premises of the Controller or at the premises of our partners or in the case of electronic channels by marking the appropriate box/fields, in which case the consent is equated to consent given in writing;
  • Through checks in databases, such as the Macedonian Credit Bureau, the register of accounts at KIBS AD Skopje, the Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.;
  • If your data is available for the duration of an agreement for the provision of the Controller’s services;
  • If you agree to direct marketing, for example when filling out a statement or submitting data electronically;
  • If other legal entities, including partners make a permitted transfer of your Personal Data to Us.

5.1 We process Personal data related to your identity and other necessary data for the purposes of concluding and implementing a credit agreement or other agreement, for the purpose of implementing your requests, applications, complaints, as well as for the purposes of fulfilling our legal obligations, when the processing is mandatory to fulfill these goals. Without this data, We would not be able to provide the appropriate services. If you do not provide us with identification data, we will not be able to conclude a credit agreement or any other agreement with you.

5.2 We also Process Personal Data for marketing, security and/or analytical purposes, in order to provide first-class products and services to you, now and in the future.

5.3 The following categories of personal data may be collected from you or your agent or contact person, depending on whether you are a potential client, customer or contracting party and which of our services you use:

Personal information


Your first and last name, gender, EMBG, bank account number, date of birth, business capacity, citizenship, as well as historical data stored by us during previous communications within the stipulated storage periods; The name of your alternate contact, provided by you, who is not a guarantor, including data obtained during our checks, if such data is collected in our database of related persons; Name and surname, EMBG, place of residence or residence, telephone number and other data for your representative specified in the power of attorney, in cases where you have authorized a third party to represent you before the Company.


Identification document


The type of your identification document or your representative’s identification document, country in which it was issued, registration number, date of validity, data recorded in document barcodes (depending on the type of document) and security features


Facial recognition data


Photos, videos, audio recordings, photos taken by you or your agent and your or your agent’s document and video and audio recording in the verification process


Contact details


Your or your agent’s address, email address, phone number



Technical data


Your or Your representatives device signature data, including but not limited to information about the date, time and Your or Your representatives’ activity on our Available Channels, Your or Your representatives’ IP address, cookies You or Your representative have accepted and domain name, Your or Your representatives’ software and hardware attributes as well as Your or Your representatives’ general geographic location (eg city, country)


Publicly available data


Ex. Information about you or your representative from databases of holders of public functions and checks against sanction lists


Credit and/or settlement of credit obligations


Job (eg employment period, job position, profession, salary, employer details, including EMBS, EDB, headquarters, telephone, sector, industry, salary, other income, total monthly income and expenditure, property status, contributions paid, credit history, including data from other loan agreements from the Macedonian Credit Bureau AD Skopje, data from the register of accounts at KIBS AD Skopje for your account number, data from the Health Fund for verification and confirmation of employment.



Economic data 


Your unique identification number, generated by the Company; number of credit agreement(s) or of an agreement number generated after concluding the credit agreement or any other agreement, data collected in the process of monitoring the existing business relationship, in accordance with the legal requirements for “Know Your Customer” (repayments from third parties or suspicious transactions); data on the chosen way of using the credit (eg bank account, cash, etc.); the loan repayments made, as well as those due in the future according to the loan agreement; your credit and debit card details (in case debit card payment is enabled); bank account number and details of the payment and transaction made in favor of the Company


Traffic data


Data relating to your visits to our Website and communications through any of our Available Channels, visual or audio records collected when you visit our branches where our services are provided and when you communicate with us by telephone, as well as any data collected through email, texting, social media or other means of communication



6.1 The main purpose for which We process your personal data or the personal data of your representative is to establish a business relationship, conclude and terminate credit agreements, implement analysis measures in accordance with the law, provide better user service for you, make offers , analyzing the utilization of existing services and developing new services.

6.2 We Process Your Personal Data for the following purposes and on the following grounds:

Purpose of processing

We decide whether and under what conditions we will establish a business relationship or conclude a contract or under what conditions we provide our services.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfillment of a contract or fulfillment of a legal obligation or for the purpose of implementing pre-contractual measures.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 2, 3 and 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We evaluate your creditworthiness and creditworthiness and conduct a risk analysis according to our requirements. We may need your consent to check in one or more databases.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfillment of a contract or for the purpose of implementing pre-contractual measures or for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation or our legitimate interest in terms of risk management.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We will identify you and/or your agent when establishing the business relationship in order to comply with the requirements of the law on prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, including but not limited to the identity of your beneficial owner(s), whether you or your beneficial owner(s) are public office holders, whether you or your beneficial owner(s) are subject to financial sanctions.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfilling a contract or implementing pre-contractual measures or fulfilling a legal obligation or our legitimate interest in relation to risk management.
Article 10 paragraph 1 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We enforce a contract entered into with you or guarantee the enforcement of such a contract and exercise, waive and protect our rights.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfilling a contract or implementing pre-contractual measures or fulfilling a legal obligation or our legitimate interest in realizing our claims.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We implement measures to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism and fulfill obligations arising from the law. This includes monitoring your transactions with us and your performance.


Legal basis for processing

Fulfilling a legal obligation.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraph 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We reduce or prevent risks that could harm You or Us and protect Your and Our interests and the quality of our services, as well as collect evidence of business transactions or other business communication. This may include video surveillance for purposes other than verifying your identity as well as recording of telephone conversations, online communication, chat sessions for purposes other than providing our services.– Your consent may be required

Legal basis for processing

Your consent, fulfillment of contractual obligations or implementation of pre-contractual measures, fulfillment of legal obligations or our legitimate interests to prevent, limit or investigate abuses or illegal use of our products and services or service interruptions in order to guarantee the quality of services.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1 and 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We allow access to and use of our Website.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfilling contractual obligations or implementing pre-contractual measures or Our legitimate interest to prevent unauthorized access to our Website.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We develop our systems.

Legal basis for processing

Our legitimate interest in the operation and improvement of the systems.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraph 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We conduct statistical research and analysis of the market and participation in customer groups, products and services, reporting and risk management, etc.

Legal basis for processing

Our legitimate interest in improving our services, improving the user experience we offer you, developing new services, managing risks and fulfilling legal obligations.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 3 and 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We develop our existing services and new services.

Legal basis for processing

Our legitimate interest in improving our services, improving the user experience and developing new services.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraph 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We check and, if necessary, update your Personal Data, manage customer relationships, keep up-to-date data and update it by checks through external and internal sources, as well as request data updates directly from you.

Legal basis for processing

Fulfillment of contractual obligations, implementation of pre-contractual measures and fulfillment of legal obligations.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We send you advertisements and offers, including personalized offers of our partners’ products and services.
– Your consent may be required.

Legal basis for processing

Your consent or our legitimate interest in providing additional services.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1 and 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We organize sweepstakes and campaigns.
– Your consent may be required.

Legal basis for processing

Your consent or our legitimate interest in providing additional services.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1 and 6 of the Law


Purpose of processing

We want to better understand your expectations (eg analysis of website visits, customer surveys, etc.). For our business purposes, such as data analysis, certification, developing new models, identifying trends according to activities on the Website or My Iute, developing a customized environment on the Website or My Iute by introducing products and services that are tailored to Your personal needs or measuring the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.
– Your consent may be required

Legal basis for processing

Your consent or our legitimate interest in improving our Services, improving the user experience, developing new products and services.
Article 10 para. 1 paragraphs 1 and 6 of the Law



7.1 We may also Process Your Personal Data for automated decision-making, including profiling, using Your Profile Data (personal information, credit information and economic data). The processing is fair and transparent and without discrimination between you and other customers and for the purpose of concluding/fulfilling a contract and our legitimate interest.

7.2 We use profiling and automated decision-making because they potentially provide greater consistency and fairness in the decision-making process (eg reducing the possibility of human error, discrimination or abuse of duty), reducing the risk of non-payment by customers about products and services (eg through creating a credit rating) or enabling decision-making in a short period and thus improving efficiency. We also use profiling and automated decision-making to provide you with marketing material as well as to monitor transactions and prevent fraud.

7.3 We follow the provisions of the Convention for the Protection of Persons with regard to automatic data processing, available at:   https://www.dzlp.mk/mk/domasni_propisi


8.1 We may use pre-defined fields for your contact details in our digital Accessibility channels and other systems in order to make our services more convenient. The fields are pre-defined if you have entered your Personal Data in the fields in our digital channels and other systems and if you are our customer. We will fill in the pre-defined fields with your data that you submitted to us when concluding the last contract. You must always check that the data in the pre-defined fields is correct.

8.2 If you do not want your contact details to be filled in the pre-defined fields in Our Digitally Available Channels or other systems, you have the right to opt out of this option. Contact us to implement this.


9.1 We process Personal Data for marketing purposes. If such processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time. If the processing is not based on your consent, you can refuse to receive such notifications at any time as well. In order to withdraw your consent to receive marketing materials, please send a message to our contacts or manage your consents through our Available Channels. Instructions for withdrawing consent are also included in our marketing communications.

9.2 General information about our services and introductory or auxiliary information or notices due to exceptions in the conditions or the tariff or information related to the fulfillment of obligations from a contract that we have concluded with you (eg. Notices about late payments, debts, contract termination, etc. ) are not considered marketing. In these cases, you cannot refuse to receive such information.


10.1 We will disclose and/or transfer your Personal Data:

10.1.1 to a company within the Group to: (1) comply with the requirements for risk management and control mechanisms; (2) organize strategic research and analysis of market share of customer groups, products and services and other financial indicators; (3) comply with applicable prudential norms, including capital and liquidity requirements; (4) conclude and implement contracts and provide you with information about the contracts you have concluded with persons who belong to the same Group as Us; (5) comply with the principle of responsible lending; (6) develop and implement an information system for the entire Group; and (7) implement screening measures as set forth in the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act;

10.1.2. to persons and organizations related to the provision of our services and the fulfillment of the contracts we have entered into with you (e.g. guarantors, pledge holders, payment intermediaries, credit institutions, international card organizations, translators, IT providers and postal services , contact center service providers);

10.1.3. in the credit register of the Macedonian Credit Bureau or equivalent to it to which we send information and from which we receive information on the basis of a law or a valid agreement in order to implement the principle of responsible lending, and also to enable third parties to access data about your regularity in repayment and creditworthiness. Data about your possible delay in payments is disclosed in the credit register or equivalent to it and the transferred Personal Data can be processed by any person who is a member of such register or who can access such register on another basis;

10.1.4. in other registers (e.g. Population Register, commercial registers, credit registers, etc.) to which we deliver and from which we request your Personal Data for the purpose of checking the accuracy and integrity of your Personal Data or for the purpose of implementing pre-contractual measures or an agreement concluded with you;

10.1.5. to third parties for the purpose of providing a service requested by you;

10.1.6. to service providers to whom we have partially or fully entrusted the performance of activities under conditions provided by law and provided that such persons meet the requirements for technical and organizational measures, physical security and information systems indicated by us in terms of confidentiality and protection of Personal data;

10.1.7. to credit institutions, creditors, debt collection service providers and other third parties with whom we would conduct negotiations for the transfer of the contract we concluded with YOU or the waiver of claims from such contract;

10.1.8. to a new creditor after the waiver of the claim;

10.1.9. to another third party, in case you do not fulfill your obligations under the contract (eg debt collection service providers, courts, executors, notaries or liquidators and bankruptcy trustees).

10.2 In certain cases, we may be obliged to disclose and transfer your Personal Data for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations – governmental and other authorities, institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, banks and institutions within the scope of their activities and in accordance with the Law, Personal data protection law and other regulations in the Macedonian legislation (eg. Transfer of data to executors, notaries, liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, tax and customs authorities, or the Financial Intelligence Authority).

10.3 It is possible for us to use third parties (eg Payment Intermediaries) for the purpose of implementing a contract concluded with you and to make available your Personal Data. These persons process your Personal Data in accordance with their regulations and under their responsibility. We may also use third parties outside of Macedonia for the purpose of implementing an agreement concluded with you and who process your Personal Data in accordance with the laws of their country or location.


11.1 We process your Personal Data in the Republic of North Macedonia and the European Economic Area, but there could be cases in which we would have to transfer your Personal Data, and have them processed, in countries outside the European Economic Area.


12.1 We protect Personal Data in strict compliance with the applicable Macedonian regulation and the principles of the Law, as well as the framework set by the European Union directives for the protection of Personal Data (including Directive (EU) 2016/679).

12.2 Your data is stored on our secure servers or on the servers of our service providers or business partners (or in certain cases the data is also stored in paper form, also subject to appropriate protection). Data is accessed and used in accordance with our security policies and standards (or those of our service providers or business partners), always in accordance with applicable laws and necessary security measures.

12.3 Although we cannot guarantee that the transmission of data over the Internet, the Website or My Iute is completely protected from cyber attacks, we and our business partners make efforts to maintain technical and organizational measures for physical and personal protection and protection of automated information systems regarding your data in accordance with applicable laws. For example, we apply the following measures:

12.4 Strictly limiting access by our employees and service providers to your data, on a “need to know” basis and to achieve the purpose of processing on a “need to know” basis;

12.5 Personal data is stored electronically in databases and shared folders protected by a password or other type of authorization; surveillance and protection against viruses is carried out; copies and “backups” are created for the sake of continuity; systems also keep a history of document activity logs;

12.6 In the premises of the Controller, in which Personal Data is processed, technical and security measures (alarm and security equipment and video surveillance), fire protection, access control procedures have been implemented;

12.7 The Controller’s employees who process Personal Data are familiar with the legislation, the Controller’s policies and the identified risks and scenarios for their occurrence;

12.8 Data processing systems, including personal data, are subject to regular controls. For the purposes of full monitoring and timely response, records of every access and activity taken in relation to Personal Data are kept by the Controller. The filling of the records is fully automated and an integral part of the Data Processing. The controller, through clear internal rules, has implemented technical and organizational measures for the conditions and procedures for the collection, processing and original storage of Personal Data from customers, as well as strict rules for monitoring compliance; such surveillance provides comprehensive protection against unauthorized access;

12.9 Contractual provisions for protection are provided in the agreements with third parties acting on behalf of the Controller;

12.10 12.10 When we provide you with (or choose to provide you with) a password by which you gain access to a particular location on the Website or other portal or service that we provide, you are responsible for the confidentiality of the password and for compliance with any other security a procedure that we will inform you about. Please do not share your password with anyone else.


13.1 We process your Personal Data as much as is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the Processing or fulfill a legal obligation. The period of storage of Personal Data is based on an agreement concluded with you, our legitimate interest and/or the law. If your data is processed for more than one purpose, We will keep it for the longest period foreseen; but we will not process them for purposes with a shorter retention period, after that period has expired.

13.2 We limit access to your data to those persons who must process it for the relevant purpose.

13.3 In certain cases, We would have to keep Your Personal Data for a longer period in order to have accurate data about Your business relationship with Us and in case of complaints or disputes or if we are reasonably convinced that there is a possibility of legal proceedings in which Your Personal data would be required.

13.4 Retention time is consistent with our business needs and in accordance with applicable laws. Personal data that is not needed will be Pseudonymized or Anonymized or deleted/destroyed.


14.1 Processing of cookies:

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It allows the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other screen settings), so you don’t have to re-enter them when you return to the site or browse from one page to page.

Internet browser cookies

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Google, Facebook and AdForm cookies

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IuteCredit uses cookies with the Google Analytics platform to collect statistical data on demographic and custom interests, while reports on this data are aggregated and do not identify the individual user. These statistics are used to optimize and target our marketing services to specific groups and to optimize the content of our website. Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for displaying ads and opt-out of ads on the Google Display Network.

Google Analytics cookies allow us to collect information about the behavior of anonymous users on our site. The information is anonymous and does not contain any personal data. The information collected by Google Analytics cookies on our website is transmitted to and stored on Google servers in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy.

We use Google AdWords and Facebook performance tracking tools and optimize advertising tools. Their use allows us to take into account interactions between advertisements and related conversions with our site.

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14.2 Managing and deleting cookies:

You can accept or reject cookies by changing your browser settings. If cookies are disabled, you may not be able to use all interactive content on Our Website.

The latest browsers allow you to control cookies through the browser’s saved settings.

14.3 Cookies enable us to:

14.3.1 To enable Our Website to work according to your expectations;

14.3.2 To remember your settings during the visit;

14.3.3 To continually improve the Website for you;

14.3.4 To improve our advertising effectiveness.

14.4 We do not use cookies to:

14.4.1 Collection of Personally Identifiable Information – we always seek your express permission whenever we collect such information;

14.4.2 Collection of special categories of Personal Data without your express consent.

14.5 The use of cookies falls into several categories:

14.5.1 Cookies for website functionality:

We use cookies to make our website better. For example, we store data when you log in to the Website so that you do not have to log in each time you visit a different page/menu during a session.

14.5.2 Once you log out of the browser, the cookie session will be deleted.

Analytical cookies:

Analytics programs use cookies to collect statistical data that allow us to improve our website. Except in the cases where you explicitly inform us by filling out a form or call us, all data collected by analytical programs are kept anonymous and we only see general and not specific individual data.


  • How you came to our website (eg from a search engine, advertisement, etc.);
  • The activities you undertake on the Website, such as the number of pages viewed, the time spent on the page, on which page the visitor left the Website;
  • How often you return to our website;
  • The technology used by visitors (eg browser, operating system, device, etc.).

14.6 To find out more about cookies in general and how to manage them, please visit  www.aboutcookies.org .


15.1 You have rights in relation to Your Personal Data, such as the right to:

(a) Ask us for additional information about how your data is used;

(b) Ask us to grant you access to your Personal Data and provide you with a copy of it;

(c) Receive your Personal Data that you have provided to us in a structured, widely distributed and machine-readable format and, where technically possible, transfer the data to another controller without interference but only when the processing of that information is based on Your consent or agreement is implemented automatically;

(d) Ask us to update any inaccurate data we hold and to correct / update it;

(e) Request that we delete or anonymize all of your personal data for which we are no longer legally obligated to process and/or store;

(f) Withdraw at any time your consent to the processing of personal data where the processing is based on your consent and in connection with direct marketing in order for us to stop processing it for that purpose from then on;

(g) File an objection to the processing for the purposes of automatic decision-making, including profiling, when it significantly concerns you, and you have the opportunity to exercise the right to ensure human intervention by the controller, the right to express a personal attitude and right to challenge such decision;

(h) Ask us to restrict the processing of your data, for example during the investigation of a complaint.

15.2 Procedure for exercising rights:

15.2.1 You can submit a request to exercise your rights to the Contact Persons in one of the following ways: in person, by mail (including email), telephone or fax, as indicated in point 1 above.

15.2.2 Each of your applications or requests has a receipt number, it is considered, we confirm your identity and the right you want to exercise and respond within one month of receiving the request. In the case of a complex case or during the reception of numerous requests, the response period may be extended for  an additional two months  , for which you will be notified. In case of rejection of the request, we will state the reasons for rejection, in writing.

15.2.3 The exercise of these rights is subject to certain exceptions, for example in the case of protection of the public interest (eg prevention of crimes) or our interests or the rights and freedoms of third parties.

If you have any other questions regarding your data,  please contact us in accordance with point 1 above (Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00) .

In the event that you are not satisfied with the way your data is processed or our response in exercising these rights, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency at: bul. Gotse Delchev no. 18, Skopje, website:  https://dzlp.mk/prizlnlp  . Please try to resolve the matter beforehand with us,  although you have the right to contact the Agency for Personal Data Protection at any time.


16.1 Inform Us immediately in case of changes in or inaccuracy of Your Personal Data provided to Us. At our request, submit a document that proves the changes made (eg a new identification document).

16.2 We try and make efforts to regularly check the completeness and accuracy of your Personal Data.


From time to time, we may make changes to this Policy. All changes will be applied from when the revised Policy will be published on the Website, and a notice will also be published on the Website.

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