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Instantly available money for your Shopping or Cash needs
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Why to apply for a Spending Limit?

Spending Limit explained

What is Spending Limit?

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Spending Limit is money that is instantly available for you. You can use the money for purchases, or if you need Cash. You have many options to use your Spending Limit in iute:

  • Pay Later for your purchases with Smart 0%: pay with 4 installments and enjoy 0 MKD in additional fees.
  • Pay Later for your purchases with Flexi: Choose your installments and pay over 36 months.
  • Get Cash Loan: Choose your repayment schedule and withdraw money from iute ATMs 24/7.

All above mentioned options will be instantly approved within your Spending Limit!


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Special offer!

Limited time offer for new customers. Apply for Spending Limit now and enjoy up to 20.000 MKD loan with 0% interest for 2 months.


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We will call you regarding your 0% Cash Loan offer when we have received your Spending Limit application.

How to apply for a Spending Limit when you are new to iute?

  • 1

    Fill in the application form


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    Download Myiute app and Sign in


  • 3

    Finalize your identification process in Myiute app 

  • 4

    Wait for a call from us

  • 5

    Start using your Spending Limit

How can I benefit from Spending Limit?

Shopping with peace of mind
Planning a significant purchase, like a new smartphone or TV? Use Spending Limit to buy with instant approval whatever you desire and Pay Later.
Unexpected emergencies
When unexpected repairs or home emergencies arise, it's crucial to have a financial safety net. Spending Limit gives you certainty that any expenditures within your Spending Limit are covered.
Urgent Cash needs
If you need instant Cash for any occcasion, for example wedding or birthday party, Spending Limit ensures instantly available money for your needs.
Travel opportunities
Discovered a fantastic last-minute travel deal? Cover your travel expenses immediately with available Spending Limit.

Any questions? We are here to help!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry—our chat support is just a click away to help you with any question.

What is Spending limit?

Spending limit Is a preapproved limit specifically for certain client, which he receives based on his/her income and credit history.

2. Are there any costs involved?

No, there is no cost involved in creating client’s spending limit. This feature is free.

Where and how can I use my Spending Limit?

Spending limits can be used as a preapproved cash loan, which client can receive immediately after application, or can be used in Iute’s partners network, to buy product or service.

How can I find out my Spending Limit amount?

Spending limit can be found on MyIute application.

What happens if I don’t use my Spending Limit?

Nothing would happen, spending limit can be available, without costs, on client’s MyIute profile if it is needed for future.

6. How can I track my Spending Limit usage and remaining balance?

Spending limit usage and remaining balance can be tracked on MyIute application.

Are there any restrictions on what or where I can purchase with my Spending Limit?

There is no restriction on what or where can be purchased with client’s spending limit if it is used in Iute’s partners network.