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Нова експозитура Велес


Iute with a new branch office in Veles and a special offer for cash credit

Today, February 7, 2024, the first branch office of Iute in Veles, and the 11th in total in the territory of Macedonia, was officially opened and started working.
The opening of the new branch office is part of the strategic plan of Iute Macedonia for the expansion of the network of branch offices, which foresees the opening of five more new branch offices throughout the country in the first quarter alone.

In that way, residents of these cities will have the opportunity, apart from digital channels and , to get in touch with Iute representatives and physically, gaining access to a trained team of advisors who can offer customers the best offer and advice for better financial planning.

On the occasion of the opening of the branch office, the Iute company prepared a special offer for its users. Until the end of March, all customers who apply at the branch office or through other channels, and have a residential address in Veles (according to their identity card), will be able to take advantage of the promotional offer for a cash credit of up to MKD 400,000 in 48 installments at 0% interest.

”Iute has come a long way to reach a certain level of digital transformation and implementation of an advanced user experience, and it is also the only company that has a mobile application through which the process from applying to receiving the funds can be completed quickly and safely. On the other hand, we want to be closer and available to all customers who feel more comfortable when they personally communicate with our employees, and one of our main tasks is to meet their needs. Thus, as interest in our services grew, so did the number of branches. In parallel with the expansion process, we will continue to work dedicatedly on the advancement of digital processes and automation, especially in the area of user experience. With great responsibility, we accepted the role of not only a market leader, but above all a leader in customer education” – said Aneta Gjeorgjiev, director of the user experience department at Iute.

The Iute showroom in Veles, which is located on “Archbishop Mihail 4” street (formerly “Vladimir Nazor” street), will work from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and it is equipped according to the new brand identity of Iute.

The company Iute Credit Macedonia, which is part of the Iute Estonia group with headquarters in Tallinn, officially rebranded at the end of last year and continued to operate under the name Iute Macedonia. The rebranding is part of the group’s strategy to expand the scope of work and services in the market, which will offer payment services and insurance in addition to lending.

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