Information about Cookies


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that some websites or apps store on your computer or mobile device when you visit that page or use an app. They allow a website or app to remember your actions and settings (such as login, language, font size, and other preferences), so you don’t have to re-enter this information every time you visit or navigate different pages.

Types of Cookies

Mandatory (Essential) Cookies are crucial for the basic functioning of a website or app. They enable core functionalities such as security, network management, and accessibility. Without these Cookies, the website or app would not perform properly, and some services may be inaccessible.

Optional (Non-Essential) Cookies enhance the user experience but are not essential for the website or app to function. They include:

  • Performance Cookies: Collect information on how users interact with the website or app, helping improve its performance.
  • Functionality Cookies: Remember user preferences and choices to personalize the website or app experience.
  • Targeting/Advertising Cookies: Track browsing habits to deliver targeted ads and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Cookies on Your mobile device

MyIute may use Cookies to improve your user experience. Your mobile device stores data on page or app visits for this purpose. You can choose to decline optional Cookies. If you select this option, some parts of MyIute may not work as intended and we are not able to deliver a personalized experience for you.

The use of Cookies falls into several categories

Cookies for MyIute features:

We use Cookies to make MyIute work better. For example, we store information once you log into MyIute so that you do not have to log in again every time you visit a different page / menu during your session.

After you log out or close MyIute, the session Cookies will be deleted.

Cookies help us:

  • to make MyIute work according to your expectations
  • to remember your settings during usage
  • to constantly improve MyIute for you
  • to improve our advertising efficiency and show you personalized advertising and offers

Examples include:

  • How you got to our website or MyIute (e.g. from a search engine, advertising, etc.)
  • The actions that you perform on MyIute, such as the number of pages viewed, the time spent on a page, on which page visitors closed MyIute
  • How often you return to MyIute
  • Technology used by you (e.g. operating system, device, etc.).

We do not use Cookies for:

the collection of identifiable personal data – we will always ask for your explicit permission if we ever want to collect such information.

Google, Facebook and AdForm Cookies

We use Cookies for online advertising on Google AdWords, AdForm, and Facebook remarketing platforms. This involves third parties, including Google and Facebook, showing you ads after using MyIute. Ads may appear on Google Search, the Google Display Network, the AdForm Display Network, or Facebook. We and third-party vendors use Cookies to analyze how interactions with our ads relate to your use of MyIute. You can adjust your ad settings on Google, AdForm, and Facebook.

Google Analytics Cookies

We use Cookies from the Google Analytics platform to collect statistics on demographics and interests, where reports on this data show aggregation of data rather than identifying individual users. These statistics are used to optimize and create targeted ads for specific groups, and to optimize the content on MyIute and our webpage. The information collected from Google Analytics Cookies on your mobile device is transmitted and stored on Google software in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.  Visitors may disable Google Analytics from displaying ads and custom ads on the Google Display Network.

You can turn off the remarketing option by visiting the links below:

For Google:

For Facebook:

For AdForm:

Managing and deleting Cookies:

You may accept or decline Cookies by changing Your MyIute user settings. Disabling cookies may affect the functionality of some interactive features of MyIute.

To learn more about Cookies in general and how to manage them, please visit